Engine specifications, spark plugs, timing, and vacuum

Compression test specificationsFor M60B4010-11 Bar or 142-156 PSI (6 strokes)Maximum difference: 0.5 Bar or 7 PSIEngine idle specificationsThe idle speed should hold steady at 600 RPM with a variation of up to 50 RPM. Troubleshooting unstable idle The RPM is not holding steady or the needle is periodically »

Reference points for official vintage colors and recommended combinations

Original vintage color-wayRecommended exterior and interior color combinations Specifications for DTM style racing vinyl stripes BMW M ("M" for "motorsport") was initially created to facilitate BMW's racing program, which was very successful in the 1960s and 1970s. The color way representing the program was officially introduced on the 3.0 »

The unofficial 75,000-mile maintenance list

Thrust arm bushing failureThe most common suspension problem on the E34. Common symptoms of a torn or cracked thrust arm bushings are shimmy under braking at freeway speed. Vague or rubbery feel in the steering, and excessive front tire wear. Extreme examples will also produce a clunking sound. EVERY 5 »

Guide to high-end tools and equipment

There seems to be much confusion out there in the hand tool world about who makes who and the relationships between various tool companies. There are three major players within the United States tool market: Stanley, Danaher, and Snap-On. You can save quite a penny on your toolbox if you »

How to change your engine oil and what oil to buy

I have been using Royal Purple 36140-6PK HPS 10W-40 Synthetic Motor Oil with Synerlec Additive Technology in my car for over six years with excellent results. My supercharged engine loves this oil, and the HPS formula reduces the overall oil burn, which translates to fewer oil top-ups and colder engine »

A list of common rust locations and miscellaneous notes

DoorsThe most prominent rust spots are located at the lowest section of the front driver and passenger door panels. This is a design flaw. The engineers had to press multiple layers of sheet metal together at the very bottom of the door. The compressed metal seam is covered with a »

A quick primer for obtaining car parts online

Obtaining parts for non-U.S specification vehiclesShould you shop OEM or aftermarket?The answer: depends. If it's an essential part like a drive train pulley or fan clutch, I'll most likely shop OEM, same for anything that touches coolant. On other hand there are also instances where aftermarket manufacturers built »